Friday, March 28, 2008

Wedding Shoots

Modeling Portfolio & Head shot Pricing

Here are my prices for anyone looking to do a shoot for modeling or acting. They are higher prices (although still very competive and reasonable for this market) then my basic family and children shoot, because there is a lot more that goes into these shoots. Not just during the shoot but afterwards with photo selection, photoshopping etc. Children and Family shoots last around an hour. Talent shoots can last 1 hour to 7 hours depending on what the shoot consists of. Also the talent shooting, gets a lot more from the shoots then they will from most other photographers that they shoot with. I give the cd of the shoot, where many others have you pay a sitting fee/base price and then charge you around $35 per print from the shoot. This shooting as well as commercial, wedding and family shoots are done through my Bounce Productions Company...but I figured I would post it here with my children pricing so that you know what other areas I shoot in that are available to you.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Winner of the company name contest is...

Dawn Fessler, with "Focus on the Children"
she is the winner of a full photoshoot

I chose Dawn's submission based on two reasons:
1-there is no questions that when you hear/see it you know what I do with no question...take pictures of children.
2-I like the play on words of focus...being for both camera focus and the child is the focus not just for a picture, but for my vision of my future foundations I will be donating funds to in helping children.

the runner up is...

Linae McCoy, with "Captured Miracles" which I absolutely loved when I saw it and will be using it as the title for a "religous series" of children's photography, that I plan on doing as one of my first projects in the near future.

for being runner up and because I will be using her title for a future project she will also be receiving a photoshoot.

Wow, it was such a hard decission, so many great submissions.
I will be announcing the winners of the 2nd contest shortly. So stay tuned!!!